Highly topical Software Architecture Workshops about Microservices, Technical Dept, Continuous Design, Architectural Design, Cloud-native Architectures, Enterprise Integration Patterns, Event-driven Architecture etc.!

The Software Architecture Summit provides a unique collection of in-depth workshops on today’s software architecture topics, conducted by some of the industry’s leading experts. The format allows each speaker to expand upon their usual 45 or 60 minute talks and go into much more detail with half-day or full-day workshops. Topics of this year’s edition include:

• How to benefit from microservices in practice and how to use Docker to run them 
• Making the most of containerized environments in the cloud 
• Ways to find the problem areas of your existing large scale software systems 
• Best practices for successful architecture work in agile projects 
• Why user-centered IT organizations matter and how to create them 
• Ways to efficiently create architecture overview documentation lessons 
• Why technical debt is important and how to deal with it to create sustainable systems

With two parallel tracks – one English, one German –, half-day modules interspersed with keynotes and interactive formats and breaks to enable interaction among attendees and participants, this is a high-value event for practicing architects, senior developers, and technical managers.

Top subjects of the Software Architecture Summit 2015

  • Architecural Design
  • Event-driven Architecture
  • Microservices
  • Technical dept
  • Continuous Design
  • Cloud-native Architectures
  • Enterprise Integration Patterns
  • ... and many more!


  • 15 Power Workshops and Keynotes
  • 11 national and international Top-Speaker
  • Changing Buffets, Snacks and refreshing Drinks
  • Official Certificate of Participation
  • Exclusive Networking-Events
  • Goodies: laptop bags, free magazines, free internet access and much more!



Who should participate?

  • Software architects
  • Software developer
  • IT-Project leader
  • Quality assurer
  • Everyone who wants to improve the communication between architects and developers

Interesting articles of our trainers

  • Article from Gernot Starke
    about how to find problems in software systems read now ›
  • Article from Eberhard Wolff
    about Microservices read now ›