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Software Architecture Summit
14. - 16. September 2020 | Berlin
Das große Trainingsevent für Softwarearchitektur

Christin Gorman
SAS 2019


17 Sep 2019
09:00 - 09:45
Grenander I + II
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Our architecture is a mess! Are you sure?

17 Sep 2019
09:00 - 09:45
Grenander I + II

Have you seen those three dimensional modern art installations that look like a complete mess until you see it from the correct angle and a nice picture emerges?
Software can be like that. What might look like a mess from one angle, is beautiful from a different one.
“We’ve got too many applications!”, “Just look at this architecture diagram! Lines all over the place”, “It’s a mess!” 
These are common complaints from architects and developers alike in large organisations with software that performs all sorts of different tasks. But are we looking at the diagram from the correct angle? 

At university we were taught that good software needs to have loose coupling and high cohesion. But what does that mean? Without an understanding of what cohesion really is, or what should be loosely coupled, we all too often end up with applications where the solution is no longer coupled to the problem. Applications where the diagrams might look nice, but are very impractical to work with, or make it hard to create good user experiences.

Christin will present some examples and discuss how to reason about large software portfolios., go through which parts go together and which ones can or should be decoupled, and help identify that angle that gives us the best view of our systems.

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